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The Monastic Atlas and Gazetteer of Ireland The monastic Atlas and Gazetteer is a Google Earth finding aid developed from the Wikipedia listing of 1,165 monastic institutions in Ireland. The file contains several sub folders shown to the right. A set of accurate county boundaries An alphabetical listing of the monastic institutions sorted by name Institutions grouped by county A landscape background for ease of viewing the location of the institutions Using the Atlas If you are not familiar with Google Earth the following tips and tricks will be useful. The individual folders can be toggled on or off. So for example if you want to hide the landscape click the black check mark beside the landscape folder off. To turn it back on simply recheck the box. You should only view the Alphabetical listing or county listing by themselves as they contain the same information, but organized differently. Finding an Institution If you only know the name of an institution use the alphabetical listing to locate the institution Mouse Click on the + sign on the alphabetical folder. A drop down list will appear(see right). Scroll thru the list until you find the institution. Double left mouse click on the name and it will be found on the map. Displaying one counties institutions To display one counties  institutions turn off the alphabetical listing and also the “Sorted by County listing”. Click the check box beside the desired county and a listing of counties will appear. Check Armagh and only the institutions in armagh will be shown on the map. Displaying labels for Institutions This should only be done when viewing a single county of a region on which you have zoomed. Otherwise at the national scale labels overlap and cannot be distinguished. For example selecting a county, right click on the county folder and select “properties” and then “Style, Color”. The menu to the right appears. Under label click the up arrow to increase the size of the label to suite your viewing needs. If you want to view the labels for several adjacent counties or an area on which you have zoomed first select the + sign beside the “sorted by county folder. Then right click the “sort by county folder”. Right click the “Sort by County” folder and select properties from the drop down menu. Select “Style, Color”, and then select “Shared style”. Use the up arrow to increase the size of the font. 
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