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The highland Clearances:
The clearances of the 18th and 19th centuries mark one of the more notorious periods of Scotland’s history. Tens of thousands of highlanders were cruelly torn from homes their families had farmed for countless generations. The Lairds, driven by the profit motive replaced the highlander with more profitable sheep runs and later by herds of  deer.
The following images illustrate the cumulative population loss in the Scottish Highlands from 1831 to 1911. Click on the first image to display the population loss from 1831 - 1841. At the bottom of the first image you will see a set of grey arrows (enlarged at the right). These arrows allow you to display the slides one at a time or as a slide show
Population change in the Scottish Highlands:
1831 to 1851
1831 to 1841
1831 to 1881
1831 to 1911